Ministry of Higher Education
Guidelines for University Admissions
For American High School Diploma

(Updated Aug. 2012 – any changes will be announced)

A. General Guidelines for international certificates:
  1. Subjects that will not be considered among the 8 compulsory or optional subjects for university admissions are: General Science, Arabic, Religion, Physical Education, and Military Science.
  2. On 4/6/2010, the Supreme Council for Universities has decided that students who do not pass in ThanaweyaAmma (grades 11 & 12) Arabic and Religion Exam need to pass these exams at the university they are attending before that can graduate and receive their Bachelor’s Degree.
  3. On 5/2/2008, the Supreme Council for Universities has decided that starting the academic year 2011-2012, students applying to university must have 3 years of schooling after obtaining the Edadeya (grade 9) certificate or its equivalent or 6 years of schooling after obtaining the Ebetedaya certificate (grade 6), or 12 years in international education.Those who do not fulfill the requirement of 12 years of schooling can be accepted to university after completing this requirement and according to admissions guidelines of the academic year in which they are applying.
  4. Holders of international certificates are accepted to universities in Egypt according to the decision of the Supreme Council for Universities such that the maximum number accepted shall not exceed 50% of the total number of applicants to each faculty. This decision has been implemented since the 2006-2007 academic year.
  5. Students must submit official transcripts when applying to universities. Report cards will not be accepted.
  6. Students who do not fulfill the requirement of having 3 years of schooling after obtaining the Academy (grade 9) certificate or its equivalent will not be accepted to university during the same academic year and must apply for admission in the following year.
  7. English Language and English Literature can both be accepted from the 8 qualifying subjects for university admission provided that the rest of the qualifying subjects are met according to each faculty/major.
B. Guidelines for accepting American High School Diploma:
  1. Students should have passed 8 subjects from those required for each faculty (details follow) after completing grade 12, such that each subject is at least one credit, and a maximum of 3 subjects may be taken from grade 11. (Some private universities, such as BUE & GUC, may have exceptions to this rule).
  2. The Supreme Council for Universities has decided that the minimum accepted SAT I score should be at least 60% of the total score (i.e. 1440 out of 2400). (See section C- 5 for private universities).
  3. The Supreme Council for Universities has also stipulated that the minimum accepted SAT II score should be a total of 1100 in 2 subjects out of 1600 as follows.

* For the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Physiotherapy the 2subjects required are Biology and one of the following: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
* For the faculties of Engineering, Information Technology, Computer, and Fine Arts (Architecture section) the 2 subjects required are Mathematics and one of the following: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

C. In addition to the above, the Supreme Council for Universities has decided the following:
  1. American Diploma students shall be accepted only after completing a minimum of 3 years in the American system of education.
  2. All other guidelines and conditions for acceptance to universities in Egypt previously set by the Supreme Council for Universities shall be implemented for American Diploma students. (See section D for grade calculation guidelines).
  3. SAT II results will only be accepted if they are taken in the same year the American
    Diploma is received and not after that date.
  4. No students’ documents will be accepted if they achieved the minimum SAT II score after 2 years from the date of receiving the American Diploma.
  5. The Supreme Council for Private Universities and Academies has accepted the following in calculating the American Diploma, starting the university academic year
    2007/2008:* On the SAT I, students should achieve at least 1200 out of 2400.
    * On the SAT II, students should achieve at least 900 out of 1600.
    * All other conditions shall apply and the above decision shall be implemented from 2007-2008 until 2011-2012, provided that students spent 3 years in American high school after the Academy certificate or its equivalent, starting the academic year 2008/2009.
D. Guidelines for grade calculation and evaluation of American High School transcripts:

The Supreme Council for Universities has decided that starting the academic year 2006/2007transcripts shall be evaluated based upon the following:

  1. 40% from the average of the 8 subjects required (usually 5 from grade 12 and 3 from grade 11 as previously mentioned).
  2. 60% from the total SAT I score as follows:
    * The best SAT I scores shall be chosen so that the maximum score is 1440 out of 2400. (See section C-5 for exceptions)
    * Those who achieve 1490 or above will be given an additional 15%.
  3.  Students who took the SAT II exam will be given an additional 15% to their score provided they achieve a minimum of 1100 (maximum is 800 x 2 = 1600).
  4. The total score will be calculated as a percentage of the above.

    – Example (hypothetical figures) Year 2010-2011, GR 11 Grade Year 2011-2012, GR 12 Grade
    – English Language/Literature 82 English Language/Literature 91
    – Math (Pre-Calculus) 89 Advanced Math (Calculus) 77
    – Psychology 95 Economics 91
    – Chemistry 86 Physics 88
    – French/German 92 Advanced Biology 87

    For a student applying to the Faculty of Engineering or Medicine, for example, take the average of the 8thgrades (88.4 %)

    Total SAT I score: 1500, total SAT II score 1150

    This student’s score would be calculated as follows:
    0.88 (0.4) + 1500 (0.6 + 0.15) + 1150 (0.15) =2400 1600
    0.352 + 0.469 + 0.108 = 92.9 %

As an example of accepted grades at Egyptian private universities, below are the minimum grades accepted for admission at BUE, subject to change according to ministry regulations:

Engineering 75%
Informatics & Computer Science and Business 70%
Economics and Political Science 65%

Ministry of Higher Education
Courses Considered for University Admissions 2012/2013
All universities and colleges in Egypt, with the exception of the American University in Cairo(AUC), follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education. Most universities consider a minimum of 5 subjects from grade 12 and a maximum of 3 subjects from grade 11. Some private universities such as German University in Cairo (GUC) and British University in Egypt(BUE), however, may consider a minimum of 4 subjects from grade 12, a maximum of 3subjects from grade 11, and maximum of 2 subjects from grade 10 if necessary. Below are the required subjects for each faculty that should be included in the 8 subjects:

Additional Note: For Business Administration and other majors studied in English at private higher institutions, students must obtain at least 75% in English Language.