Ms.Enas Fawzi ( Vice General Manager )

I’m Honored to be here in this capacity.

To the parents and family of all my students THANK YOU for being here. I want to say, it has been a privilege to be with your students here at The International Schools of Kenana and I greatly appreciate the work they have had to put in, to reach these goals.
As time goes on, we hope it will serve as a useful touchstone to introduce to all of you how we ventured into the next phase of Kenana’s future. We’ve been in the educational field for 20 years now. ISK was established 1996 to offer high quality education for students from PreK to High School, we’re not just doing that we are now providing them with unique educational tools and unique e-learning systems (that cannot be found anywhere else other than AlKenana) to help them with the technological updates and differentiated learning. Our mission is to provide an inclusive, updated, practical system that will enable our students to be responsible, productive citizens, and leaders in the future.

In ISK, all the administration, staff, students, and parents are like one big family. We are the second home for our students. We are keen to build up students’ characters based on high manners and high education. Our target is that they all succeed in education and in life.

Ms. Enas Fawzi
Vice General Manager