General School Rules

For fulfilling the capacity of the educational process, and guaranteeing students’ full focus on realizing their achievements and honing their skills, Kenana students have to abide by the following general rules for the smoothness of their school day.

  1. Attendance and Punctuality Policy
    1. Punctuality
    2. Attendance
    3. Absence
  2. Uniform Policy
    1. Uniform
    2. Shoes
    3. Accessories
    4. Hair
  3. Behavior Policy
  4. Transport
    1. In case of School Bus Transportation
    2. In case of Personal Transportation
  5. List of Equipment

1. Attendance and Punctuality Policy

The policy communicates the expectations of Kenana, American Division, from the students. The following procedures have to be met by everyone to guarantee effective implementation of the educational process.

1.1 Punctuality

Parents/Guardians must abide by the following timeline to assure students receive the best outcomes of the day:
– Students are expected at school by 7:30 a.m.
– The morning line starts at 7:45 a.m., and the first session starts at 8:00 a.m.
– Students are last allowed in the school at 8:30 a.m.

1.1.1 In case students are late after 8:15 a.m.:

1st Strike: They receive a verbal warning
2nd Strike: Parents/Guardians are contacted.
3rd Strike: Students sit for break detention, and parents/guardians are contacted
In case of recurrence, the student will stay for break detention

1.1.2 In case students are late after 8:30 a.m.:

1st strike: Students receive verbal warning, parents/guardians are contacted, and student sit for break detention
2nd Strike: Students stay for in school day detention
In case of recurrence, students will not be allowed into the school
Students will not be allowed into school anytime of the year after 8:40 a.m.

1.2 Attendance

-Regular attendance is a must for efficient academic achievement.
-No student is allowed to leave early except for dire emergency like student’s sickness (confirmed by our doctor) and signed by the administration.
-Attendance grading score is 7 mark in each subject.
– Each trimester, students lose no marks up to 6 days absence. If students are absent 7 to 10 days, they score 4/7. As students start to10 days per trimester, they lose all the 7 marks.

1.3 Absence

1.3.1 Absence is considered excused in the cases mentioned below:

– A student is sick and a medical note is handed in to the administration in proper time
– A student is sent home upon the school doctor’s recommendation
– A students attends a sporting competition for a club or represents Egypt at an international event and this verified in writing by the club or league.
– A student is absent for traveling abroad, upon which the parent/guardian must present a copy of the flight ticket.
– The school is not going to accept any other excuses (such as oversleeping, staying home with a sibling, .. etc)

1.3.2 Notification procedures:

– If a student is absent, parents are expected to inform the school by a phone call or an email on the day the student is absent.
– If a child is absent without any information presented on the side of the parent/guardian, the school’s administration will call the parent to find out why the student is absent.
– If parents/guardians a rent responding, they will receive an email of information request from the school.
– Student affairs will monitor absence on weekly basis and follow up any long term concerns.


2. Uniform Policy

Students must abide by the school’s uniform policy in order to achieve educational attention, avoid unnecessary distractions and practice self-discipline. Out-of-uniform act is not going to be tolerated and students will face undesired consequences.

2.1 Uniform:

– Students must abide by the school’s uniform for summer and winter.
– P.E pants are to be worn only on the day including P.E. sessions.
– Seniors must abide by their Senior T-shirt or sweat shirt

2.2 Shoes:

– Shoes colors lace colors that are allowed are: Black – White – Dark Blue –Grey.
– Shoes must not include streaks of colors.
– Football shoes (with studs) are not allowed. They are far from healthy for the foot, knees and backs, and they require certain surfaces to walk on.

2.3 Accessories:

– Accessories are not allowed at School
– Gold and silver items are not allowed. Any loss of these items is the total responsibility of the student.
– Only stud earrings are allowed
– Excessive ear-piercing is not allowed
– Facial piercing is not allowed
– Tattoos are not allowed
– Long nails and nail polish are not allowed

2.4 Hair:

– Hair should be neatly groomed and of natural hair color for boys and girls. (no long hair for boys)
– Girls must tie their hair or wear a braid.
– Hair bands should be white, blue or match natural hair color.
– Head scarf colors allowed are white, grey or dark blue.

3. Behavior Policy

– Negative behavior is totally prohibited among students. Such behavior includes, but not limited to, assault, aggression, bullying, rudeness, tardiness, vandalism and carelessness (no HW, no books, copybooks, pens, pencils…etc).
– Such behavior will result in that the school personnel, after support and guidance have been implemented, will practice sanctions among students including loss of break-time, loss of activity sessions, loss of other privileges or positions of responsibility, internal suspensions, or external dismissal.
– Parents/Guardians will be notified with such incidents.

4. Transport Policy

For school students, transportation is either on School Bus or personal.
4.1 In case of School Bus Transportation:

Students must abide by the rules listed in order to achieve maximum safety for the travelers on the bus, and to ensure that everyone gets home safely.
– Students must not be late in the morning for the bus. They should be waiting to mount the bus immediately. (waiting time is 2 minutes minimum)
– Students must be seated in their allocated places the entire journey
– Students must be calm and quiet on the school bus
– Politeness and respect must be reflected for all persons and property
– Students must not distract the driver, the matron, nor disturb other students or staff traveling with them
– Switching buses is not allowed
– Students must mount the bus immediately after the last session is over, and avoid tardiness
– Parents/Guardians who receive bus students by bus must be waiting to receive them in the place they agreed on before the time set for them to guarantee safe and secure delivery.
– Parents/Guardians must monitor their children as they move around the bus in time of delivery.

4.2 In case of Personal Transportation:

– Parents/guardians must submit information and follow guiding rules to guarantee the safety of our children. Parents/Guardians must submit the Driver’s Name, Driver’s ID, the Driver’s Mob number and the Parent/Guardian Mob. number. A card will be generated including these information for using to receive the student.
– In case a student is leaving the school on his/her own, or with a relative, parents/guardians must present a written and signed consent by the parent, and confirm with a phone call. (N.B. A phone call is not enough)
– In case of change in driver or driver’s license, administration must be informed by all means.
– No one must be late after 2:30 to pick up students
– In case of emergency, administration/security must be informed on the following number 01009532810

Note: For any of the previous notifications, parents/guardians have to inform the school at least one day prior to he requested time of implementation. In emergency cases, the school has to be informed at least by 12:00 noon.

5. List of Equipment

Green Pens, Pens, Pencils, Rubbers, Rulers, Calculators for the requested grades, books and copybooks have to be present with the students in order to avoid undesirable consequences.