Along with the academic major subjects delivered by a selected distinguished staff through carefully
chosen print and digital media, ISK, American Division presents additional components to assure the
ability of the students to receive information and practice skills that will prepare them to excel in their
colleges and careers.

– Counselling:

In order to improve the high school students’ awareness of choosing a career and applying for
universities, the students will receive counselling sessions by psychologists, school and
university counsellors, alumni and field gurus. Psychologists will discuss with the students the
proper course of actions in their lives in relevance with the obstacles they face in their age
groups. School and university counselors will guide the students in choosing the appropriate
field of study and the enrollment process in universities. Alumni and field gurus will take the
students on a journey through success and failure stories in life and business, together with a
vision for the career fields necessary for the future job market.

– MUN (Model of United Nations)

High school is receiving an MUN (Model of United Nations) training in set periods in which they
will rehearse variable skills especially debating, negotiating and community service through a set
of committees.

– Project skills and Research

Middle and High school students will be exposed to project and research skills such as
determining the point of research, resources of research, evaluating the validity of information,
proper presentation of content whether written or oral.