CASEL: (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning):

The collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning is a global initiative that aims at making
social and emotional learning an integral part of education form preschool to high school, with the moto
of Education hearts, Inspiring Minds. As pioneers of education, ISK American Division is hurriedly
propelling to catch up with the pace of this initiative, since it coincides with the principles and
philosophies of the School’s guardians.

  • Character Building:

    Owing to a hectic and fast developing life, sometimes parents miss the opportunities of having
    quality time with their children. Since ISK, American Division, considers itself the extended
    family for each student, a well-designed Character Building Program is chosen for our students.
    The program is culturally sensitive to befit the norms, customs and beliefs of our national and
    regional identity. In the light of this program, the students dig deep through a lot of meaningful
    thoughts, feelings and actions, tackling respect, collaboration, decision making, and many other

  • Community service (Kenana Ethar):

    In order to enhance the ISK, American Division’s students bonding with humanity, and raise
    their empathy, tolerance and responsiveness toward others, a Community Service program is
    implemented with the students. The activities of such program include gathering information on
    socially and economically impaired individuals, surveying charitable institutions, fund raising,
    evaluating priorities and many other skills.

  • Students’ Union:

    One of the procedures meant to improve team work, organizational skills and confident
    performance is the Students Union. Students apply for elections, and receive their votes after
    which winners are announced to head specific committees. Class leaders share Committee
    Heads in operating the Students Union, providing suggestions for improving students’ lives and
    advancing their capabilties under the supervision of the school staff allocated for such a mission.

  • Home Economics

    To further enrich family bonding, catering, cooking and embroidery is introduced to the
    students. Such activities do not only target teaching students such crafts. Introducing this
    program targets transferring to the students a desire to provide for others through such
    activities, as the act of cooking for someone, and the art of catering sewing and embroidery for
    someone is an act of love and giving.

  • Drama:

    Academically, Drama has always been an integral part of the English curriculum. This year, ISK,
    American Division is including Drama as a beginning to a Performance Arts Program. Drama
    targets giving the students insight into human motivations, feelings and thoughts through
    analyzing them and adopting an adequate performance of body language, movement and voice.
    As students delve into the character and the stories, they gain experience and a power of choice
    builds up in them spontaneously.