At International Schools of Kenana (ISK)-American Division, we offer our students a range of support services to guide them academically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Our main goal is to help them go through any challenges they may face and assist them to be successful in their lives.

The school offers its students a specialized professional psychologist, who discusses with them the proper actions in their lives in relevance with the obstacles they face in their age groups.

On the academic level, the school continues to provide a robust support system for weak students through the co-teachers allocated for elementary classes. In addition, academic reinforcement is delivered in support sessions for weak students scheduled within the school day in the elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Parents conferences are held regularly to inform parents of the help their children need, and the progress they are achieving.

Sessions for behavioral counseling are integrated into the weekly schedule for students to discuss with the school behavioral counselor their problems.

In addition, the school implemented a Character-Building program, starting from grade 1 to grade 9. The program aims at guiding the students through different choices in behavior and the reasons behind the choice. By the end of the academic year, students present plays inspired by the character-building program. 

Currently, the school is contacting professional centers to revise the CASEL program the school is compiling, and receiving advice on training the staff allocated for such program.

To enhance Kenana’s students’ college and career readiness, the school planned and applied several measures. 

The school provides Counseling sessions by school and university counselors to guide choosing the appropriate field of study and the enrollment process in universities. 

Also, ISK enlisted its students in Unifrog platform. Unifrog is a platform that helps students to make the best choices and explore different university courses they may be interested in abroad. It also makes it easy for students to record their activities and competencies and create and send applications. For teachers and counselors, Unifrog streamlines the entire progression process, allowing them to track and manage students’ progress all in one place.