Based upon our beliefs and the feeling of the importance of early childhood education, The International Schools of Kenana has a preschool classroom in the American division. It provides introduction to schooling for children between the age of 2, 7 months to 3, 4months years old.

Preschool stimulates social and emotional growth. … High-quality preschool programs cherish warm relationships among children, teachers and parents. Children prosper when there is consistency in care between home and school.
Based on the article: “10 good reasons your child should attend preschool”, high quality preschool is set up to prepare young children to future. Preschool is an essential stage in kids life as it prepares them to kindergarten, is a good, healthy chance to grow and develop many skills; social, emotional, and cognitive. Motor skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are so much developed at that stage in a high qualified preschool class. Besides of course the literacy and mathematical development that pave the kids comprehension to better level of kg understanding.

The class offers a curriculum that stimulates the five senses while exploring new ideas. It encourages young children to touch, try, and think creatively.

Our curriculum comprises English, Math, Arabic and Religion, Quran, 2nd Language (French / German / Italian), media exposure(using smart board technology), Art, Music, etiquette and Physical Education.

We introduce the joys of learning basic skills to children in a child-friendly environment. Children at our preschool will have fun while they learn.