Map Test Schedule Spring 2023

Date/Time First Exam
From 8:35 To 10:20
Second Exam
From 10:20 To 12:05
Third Exam
From 12:05 To 01:50
Monday 15/5
Gr-3A Math
Gr-9B Reading
Gr-4B Language
Tuesday 16/5
Gr-3B Math
Gr-9A Reading
Gr-8B Language
Wednesday 17/5
Gr-7A Math

Gr-7B Math
Gr-4A Reading

Gr-8A Language
Gr-10A Language

Gr-10B Language
Thursday 18/5
Gr-2A Math

Gr-5B Math
Gr-2B Math

Gr-5A Math
Gr-6A Language

Gr-6B Language
Sunday 21/5
Gr-8A Math

Gr-8B Reading
Gr-4B Math

Gr-3A Math
Gr-10A Reading

Gr-6B Reading
Monday 22/5
Gr-5A Reading

Gr-7B Reading
Gr-7A Reading
Gr-6A Reading

Gr-3B Reading
Tuesday 23/5
Absent Students
Gr-4A Math
Gr-10B Reading

Gr-5B Reading
Wednesday 24/5
Gr-8B Math
Gr-8A Reading
Sunday 28/5
Gr-3B Language

Gr-2A English
Gr-6B Math

Gr-3A Language
Gr-5A Language
Monday 29/5
Gr-9A Math

Gr-9B Math
Gr-6A Math

Gr-2B English
Gr-4B Reading
Tuesday 30/5
Gr-10B Math

Gr-7A Language
Gr-10A Math

Gr-4A Language
Absent Students
Wednesday 31/5
Gr-7B Language
Gr-5B Language
Gr-9A Language

Gr-9B Language